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First Aid | Wounds and Bleeding

This 'First Aid Safety' training course covers wounds and bleeding and explains how to diagnose as well as treat different types of wounds. The course aims to teach practical first aid techniques which are required to help deal with injuries or conditions common to the workplace. The intention is not to make employees into qualified first aiders, but simply to highlight the skills required to be of some help if an accident occurs.

As accidents do not always occur when qualified help is at hand, it is useful for all employees to have a basic understanding of first aid. This training course is part of a portfolio of titles called 'First Aid at Work' and has been designed for all persons at work, irrespective of their job.

Course modules :

  • Wounds
    • GRAZES: Caused by skin damage due to friction burns or sliding falls.
    • CONTUSIONS: Caused by blows to the body, leading to ruptured capillaries and bruising.
    • INCISED WOUNDS: Characterised by a clean cut of the skin and in some cases tendons, usually made by a sharp instrument such as a knife or a piece of broken glass.
    • LACERATIONS: Tear wounds in the skin.
    • PUNCTURE WOUNDS: Penetrating wounds caused by sharp pointed instruments such as nails.
    • GUNSHOT OR PROJECTILE WOUNDS: Characterised by a bullet or some other projectile, driving its way through the body causing severe internal and external injuries.
  • Bleeding
    • ARTERIAL BLEEDING: Blood is bright red and rich in oxygen, which spurts out in time with the heart beat.
    • VENOUS BLEEDING: Blood is depleted of oxygen and dark red in colour. Because it has lost most of its pressure, it gushes or runs out.
  • Treatment
    Guidance for emergency treatment of the above injuries.
  • Self Test
    10 questions covering each of the previous modules. A certificate is offered if the test is passed.

The First Aid Wounds and Bleeding training course is for:

Employers, managers, employees and all persons who may have to administer first aid. First Aid Unconsciousness

Safety course timing:
The 'First Aid Unconsciousness' safety course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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