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Environmental Management

The course deals with environmental management systems as they apply to businesses. ISO 14001 and the European Community Environmental Management & Audit Scheme (EMAS) provide a formal structure for environmental management, which can be independently verified.
External accreditors can certify sites that meet the requirements of this environmental standard, thus allowing customers, insurers, the public and other stakeholders to have confidence that the company is taking positive steps to improve its environmental performance. This 'Environmental Management' training course can be used as part of an environmental management system for certification to ISO 14000 and EMAS.

Course modules :

  • Introduction
    Considers the damage caused by environmental pollution, focusing on the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer.
  • Chemical Storage, Handling and Disposal
    Considers how damage to the environment can be prevented by the correct handling, storage and disposal of chemicals.
  • Energy & The Environment
    Examines the impact of energy use on the environment and describes how even small actions by individuals can add up to significant benefits.
  • Benefits From Good Environmental Management
    Explains how waste reduction and recycling can benefit the environment. It teaches how this can result in improved health and safety standards as well as significant cost savings.
  • Self Test - 14 questions covering each of the previous modules. A certificate is offered if the test is passed.

The Environmental Management training course is for:

Employers, managers, employees and the self-employed. Any persons responsible for environmental management and implementation of ISO14001, environmental resources management and environmental management services will benefit from this course.

Environmental Management course timing:
The 'Environmental Management' course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

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