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Electrical Safety

This 'Electrical Safety' training course is ideal for all persons who use electrically powered equipment and/or electric tools. The 'Electrical Safety' training course aims to ensure that electrical equipment users are able to identify potential electrical hazards caused by careless and inappropriate use of electrical equipment as well as electrical tools.
It teaches how to detect common electrical faults which would render electrical equipment unsafe. The effects of an electric shock and emergency first aid for victims of electrocution are also covered.

Course modules :

  • What is electricity?
    Introduces the terms: electrical current, electromotive force and electrical power.
  • Dangers of electricity
    Considers the risks people take when using electricity.
  • Safe use of electrical equipment
    Explains the methods used to control electricity and reduce the risk to users.
  • Electric shocks and First aid
    Looks at the effects of an electric shock to the body and shows some basic first aid procedures.
  • Self Test
    20 questions covering each of the previous modules. A certificate is offered if the test is passed.

The Electrical Safety training course is for:
Employers, managers, employees, the self-employed and any persons working with electrical powered equipment and/or electric tools.

Electrical Safety course timing:
The Electrical Safety course takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.

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