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Introduction to COSHH

The 'Introduction to COSHH' training course looks at the 'Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations' and considers issues relating to hazard substances, hazard substances control as well as hazard substances management use in the work place. It is aimed at employees who require information, instruction and training including COSHH assessment, COSHH regulations, COSHH data sheets as well as COSHH symbols.

It is particularly useful to those who are expected to conduct a COSHH risk assessment on the employer's behalf. The course deals with the responsibilities of both employers and employees. It explains the requirement of the COSHH regulations to assess risks to health, deciding what precautions are needed to ensure control measures are used and maintained properly. It provides information and instructions as part of training to all employees.

Course modules :

  • What is COSHH?
    Introduces the COSHH Regulations and explains what they are designed to achieve.
  • Responsibilities
    Considers who is responsible for implementing COSHH, who is protected under COSHH and which industries and businesses are affected.
  • Lifting Persons
    Equipment used for lifting people must be such as to prevent people being crushed, trapped, struck or falling from the carrier.
  • What Does COSHH Cover?
    Discusses what is and what is not covered by the Regulations.
  • Hazard and Risk
    Explains the meaning of the terms 'hazard' and 'risk'.
  • Toxic Effects
    Examines the different routes of entry into the body, explains 'acute' and 'chronic' exposures and the Workplace Exposure Limit.
  • Assessment
    Covers the three stages of a COSHH assessment: recognising the hazards, evaluating the risks and the implementation of control measures.
  • Information & Training
    Considers the requirements of the Regulations regarding the provision of information and training for employees.
  • Monitoring & Health Surveillance
    Explains when it would be necessary to monitor levels of exposure to workers and when it would be necessary to supplement this with a health surveillance programme.
  • Self Test
    20 questions covering each of the previous modules. A certificate is offered if the test is passed.

The COSHH course is ideally for:
Employers, managers, employees, the self-employed and persons responsible for hazardous substances management in the work place.

COSHH Course timing:
This 'COSHH' course takes approximately 80 minutes to complete.

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