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    Training courses

    This 'Asbestos Awareness' training course, which is HSE compliant, describes the nature of asbestos and the properties of asbestos.

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    Training courses
    Chemical Safety
    This 'Chemical Safety' course describes the nature and properties of chemicals, as well as the chemical safe working practices that should be adopted for chemical storage and chemical handling. Basic first aid is also covered.

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    Training courses
    Computer Workstation Assessment
    This 'Computer Workstation Assessment' training course provides users of display screen equipment with information and advice about workstations.

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    Training courses
    Electrical Safety
    This 'Electrical Safety' training course is ideal for all persons who use electrically powered equipment and/or electric tools.

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    Training courses
    Fire Safety
    This 'Fire Safety' training course provides an understanding of fire safety and looks at the fundamentals of fire, including fire control and fire prevention. Fire can destroy lives and business' so it pays to be well prepared.

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    Training courses
    Safe Manual Handling
    The 'Safe Manual Handling' training course provides important information about the manual handling techniques, and the lifting injuries that can be caused by poor manual handling techniques.

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Welcome to QG Online Multi Media Training
From only £315 (plus VAT) you will have annual unlimited access to over 26 Health, Safety and Environment training courses for up to 20 employees.

With every title you will get;

  • An online, interactive, multimedia rich training course.
  • Useful, clear summary pages.
  • A fully interactive test.
  • A downloadable certificate of competence.
  • 24/7 access, with the ability to complete training in more than one session.
  • Company wide user  licences
  • Enables employers to meet their statutory obligations for health and safety training
  • Reduces health & safety training costs
  • Provides proof of health and safety training
  • Training can be completed online from work, a hotel or home
  • Continuity in H&S training at all times across multiple sites
  • Always up to date
  • Reduces chances of costly litigation
  • Can be used as induction or refresher training
  • Reduces absenteeism levels
  • Improves productivity and staff morale
  • Reduces company healthcare costs
  • Reduces insurance premiums and compensation claims

In today's world many ignore health, safety and environmental management. However, health, safety and environmental management are a vital pre-requisite to any successful business to ensure the company runs smoothly as well as efficiently. Health and safety training helps teach your employees what is expected of them, how to identify work risk situations as well as how to deal with safety issues correctly.

Each health and safety training course will enable employers meet their statutory obligations for health and safety training. Our online health and safety training courses will help develop a health and safety culture, assist in personal development, improve professional involvement in decision making and ensure that safe working practices become standard in all workplaces.

QG Training is a simple, flexible health & safety online training system which you can undertake when it is convenient to you.

Our licence system starts from £315 per year for a 20 user licence, additional user licences can be purchased from as little as £10 per employee, Once you buy the licence your employees are able to start learning instantly and may continue to do so at their own pace, fitting training into their working day.

To keep our online training courses accessible to all students, each module is carefully designed to be clear and time efficient. All safety titles are easy to navigate, provide in-depth understanding and are simple to comprehend. Our cost effective, up to date online training is supported by videos, diagrams, pictures as well as audio. There are also useful summary pages followed by an interactive self test. On successful completion of the assessment, you will receive a certificate which is available to print as proof of competency to your insurer, employer or HSE.

Our e-training has proved to be a success within many quality conscious organisations and we hope that you will soon join our long list of content, highly valued customers.

Thank you for your interest in our products - remember, do not learn safety by accident.

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